Yes. You can redeem your physical gold if you wish.

  1. Tap “Redeem” in the HelloGold app
  2. Contact our Customer Support team at 1 300 130 888 (within Malaysia) or +603 7661 6228 (outside Malaysia)  to place your delivery request.
  3. You will then receive an email confirmation of your gold redemption order
  4. Once the order is confirmed, you will receive an email notifying you about your gold shipment

Our bullion provider uses a recognised courier service to deliver your gold to you. Your gold will be sent to the address that you provided to us that is logged in our database.

Upon delivery, you will be required to be physically present with your MyKad or valid Passport to ensure you, the HelloGold account holder receives the gold in your hands only. If you are not there, the courier service will keep your gold until you receive it in person. The courier service will not give your gold to anyone else and you cannot nominate anyone to receive your gold on your behalf such as a family member, housemate, security guard etc.