1. Tap on “Buy Gold” once you’ve landed on the dashboard after logging in.
  2. Enter the amount of gold you would like to buy.
  3. Select a payment method ranging from:
    1. Cash Balance
      Enter the One-Time-Password once you’ve confirmed your order
    2. Online Banking
      • Select your preferred bank, enter your email (optional) and click on the “Check box” to agree to the terms and conditions from the service provider.
      • Click “Confirm” and you will be directed to the online banking log-in page
      • Log in with your internet banking credentials
      • Confirm the amount and request for a TAC
      • Key in the TAC that you receive from your bank
    3. Boost
      To buy gold using your Boost e-wallet, you need to have a Boost e-wallet registered using the same mobile number you used for your HelloGold account registration.

      • Select “Boost” as your payment method
      • Log in to your Boost wallet to authorize the payment
  4. Once payment is successful, your gold is instantly vaulted.

Find out more about the fees when you transact on HelloGold.